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Rosalyn Sears from United Kingdom 28 Sep 2010, 09:39
I am just loving these! Don`t know how you did them, but they are really wonderful. (:o)
Michael Bryant-Plenty: Hi Rosalyn, the last couple of posts have been the result of some rather poor efforts at this lovely waterfall location! I would have loved to have posted shots of the waterfall in its entirety but the lighting conditions are tricky and a further hindrance was the rather flimsy tripod I took with me (I was on my motorcycle and it's difficult to carry my no.1 tripod). So I had a bit of fun with some close-up shots of water at the foot of the falls - although the results are rather "noisy". Mike

Scarlet from Netherlands 28 Sep 2010, 09:43
Amazing shot.
Michael Bryant-Plenty: Thanks Scarlet - some Photoshoping here to add some highlights to the minor falls in the background. Also the image is rather grainy/noisy - but glad you like this one. Mike

Mary MacADNski from Prince Edward Island 28 Sep 2010, 11:57
Who was shining that big flashlight?
Michael Bryant-Plenty: Hi Mary - those highlights in the background were artificially introduced by using the lens-flare application in Photoshop (toned down by using the feathering tool)!

EJWilkins from England 28 Sep 2010, 23:13
Don't know what you did to achieve this, but it's very clever.
Michael Bryant-Plenty: The original shot has been tweaked in Photoshop : Principally by selecting the two main shafts of water, then using the feather tool and then the levels tool to perk them up a bit. The minor falls in the background has had the lens flare tool applied and the the whole area selected and the blur tool used. I wouldn't have bothered but I had to salvage something from an otherwise disappointing set of images. Oh yes, and the final result here is a bit too grainy/noisy despite by efforts to reduce this (mainly down to the long exposure). Thanks for your comment. Mike

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paul from United Kingdom 14 Oct 2010, 18:54
I don't think the image is spoiled by excessive noise at all (not on screen at any rate). I really like it, and your ps tweak is very effective

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